Kassavifta Arctic F12 PWM 4P All-White (PST)

Framleiðandi: Arctic
Framl.númer: ACFAN00198A
Vörunúmer: 10611

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Sérstakleg hljóðlát 12cm kælivifta frá Arctic. Frábær vifta fyrir þá sem vilja smíða sér hljóðláta tölvu.

  • 120 mm kassavifta fyrir tölvukælingu
  • Snúningshraði: 230 -1350 sn/mín
  • Tengi: 4ra pinna + 4ra pinna
  • Mál: Þvermál 120 mm, þykkt 25 mm

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Verð: 1.990 kr
Arctic F12 PWM PST - 120 mm PWM PST Case Fan with PWM Sharing Technology (PST), Quiet Motor, Computer, Fan Speed: 230-1350 RPM - White
About this item
  • INNOVATIVE DESIGN: Design of fan blades improves airflow and facilitates efficient ventilation, impeller was designed with a focus on minimzing the noise level yet delivering the desired airflow and pressure
  • PERFECT CASE FAN REGULATION WITH PWM: The PWM function allows the motherboard to run the fan precisely at its necessary speed, this guarantees the required cooling and minimizes the noise level
  • PWM SHARING TECHNOLOGY (PST): PST assures that all of your fans listen to one control signal, e.g. you share the CPU Cooler's PWM signal and assure that your case fans stand down at low load and spin up whenever necessary
  • LONG SERVICE LIFE: The Fluid Dynamic Bearing comes with an oil capsule that avoids lubricant leakage, thus this bearing is as quiet as a sleeve bearing but comes with a higher service life
  • TECHNICAL DATA: Fan speed: 230–1350 RPM, Airflow: 53 CFM/90.1 m³/h (@ 1350 RPM), Noise Level: 0.3 Sone (@ 1350 RPM), Pin: 4-pin
Voltage: 12 V
Starting voltage: 6 V
Nominal Current:  0,24 A
Weight and dimensions
Cablelength: 0.4 meters
Package weight: 130 grams
Dimensons: Width 120 mm, Depth 120 mm, Height 25 mm
Weight: 109 grams
Suitable for: Computer cases
Type: Fan
Fan diameter: 12 cm
Rotation speed (min.): 230 /min
Rotation speed (hámark) 1350 /min
Noise level: 0.3 sone
Maximum air flow: 53 cfm
Air: 90.1 m³ / hour
Max. air pressure: 1 mmH2O
Bearing Type: Fluid Dynamic Bearing (FDB)
Product color: White
Connection: 4-pin + 4-pin