Skjáskiptir Nedis DisplayPort 2ja porta CSWI3702BK

Framleiðandi: Nedis
Framl.númer: CSWI3702BK
Vörunúmer: 10585

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Þessi tvíátta DisplayPort skjáskiptir er einstakur á sinn hátt og má nota á tvo mismunandi vegu.

Notkun A
  • Inngangar: 2x DisplayPort konutengi
  • Útgangur: 1x DisplayPort konutengi

Notkun B

  • Inngangur: 1x DisplayPort konutengi
  • Útgangar: 2x DisplayPort konutengi

Frí heimsending
Verð: 6.390 kr
2-Port DisplayPort Bi-Direction Switch, Black

This Nedis® DisplayPort switch is bi-directional and therefore unique. You can either connect 2 different devices to the DisplayPort connections of the switch and select manually which device you want to put through. Or you can connect one device and select manually towards which device you want to put the signal through.
Only digital signals will be passed. The maximum cable length attached to each port is 1.5 metres.

Application A
• Input: 2x DisplayPort female
• Output: 1x DisplayPort female
Application B
• Input: 1x DisplayPort female
• Output: 2x DisplayPort female

• Resolution: up to 4K2K @ 60 Hz
• Data rate: 5.4 Gbps
• Female connectors: gold plated
Package contents
DisplayPort switch
USB cable
Product specifications
Gift Box
Function control
80 mm
Power plug
Maximum resolution  
Device type
17 mm
60 mm
Power consumption  
2.5 W
Supported technology  
4K @ 60 Hz
Connection output
1x DisplayPort   
2x DisplayPort
Connection input 
1x DisplayPort
2x DisplayPort
Cable length
1.5 meters
Electronic device type   
Data rate
5.4 Gbps

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