Snjallpera Nedis E27 RGB LED 806lm 9W WiFi

Framleiðandi: Nedis
Framl.númer: WIFILRC10E27
Vörunúmer: 10896

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Nedis snjallperurnar tengjast við Nedis SmartLife appið á einfaldan hátt sem opnar möguleika til snjallvæðingar á einstaka herbergjum og/eða heimili í heild. Nedis snjallperurnar tengjast beint við WiFi router án stjórnstöðvar. Stjórnaðu mörgum snjallperum í einu með snjallsíma eða láttu Nedis snjallskynjaran kveikja á perum við hreyfingu. Einnig er hægt að setja upp tímaplan. Allar Nedis SmartLife vörur tala sín á milli og virka við Google Home og Amazon Alexa. Þannig getur þú til dæmis raddstýrt öllum Nedis Smartlife vörum.

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Verð: 1.790 kr
SmartLife Full Colour LED Bulb. Wi-Fi E27 806 lm, 9 W RGB / Warm to Cool White, 2700 - 6500 K Android™ / IOS Bulb

Take control of your lights with this smart bulb that connects directly to your wireless/Wi-Fi router to offer remote control as part of your home automation system. You can control the bulb’s colour and brightness with the Nedis® SmartLife app or link the bulb to Google Home or Amazon Alexa to operate with your voice. For more convenience, you can also use the Smart remote control to easily turn the Smart Bulb on and off or adjust its brightness.

Thanks to the timer function, you can create time schedules for the bulb to be switch it on or off or create smart scenarios in an instant by pairing this bulb to other products from the Nedis® SmartLife range.

Easy to set up
You don’t need to be a technical genius or an electrician to control and automate your plugged-in appliances and devices. All you actually need is a Smart Bulb and your Wi-Fi router. Our intuitive app will give you the ability to switch appliances on and off remotely and automatically.

• Plug & play: connects directly with your Wi-Fi
• Control the bulb’s brightness and colour - RGB + 2700-6500K
• Use the Nedis® SmartLife app to set timings for switching on/off automatically
• Supports remote control - allows to control multiple bulbs at the same time
• Supports voice control - in combination with Amazon Alexa or Google Home
• Can be used as a stand-alone product or can connect easily with other Nedis® SmartLife products

Package contents
• Smart bulb
• Quick start guide
Product specifications
Compatible with
Nedis® SmartLife
Wireless technology
Energy consumption per 1000 hours    
9 kWh
Light source
Colour rendering index (Ra)
Wattage equivalent
60 W
Maximum power consumption
9 W
Maximum transmit antenna gain
1 dBi
App available for
Input voltage
220 - 240 VAC
Transmit frequency range
2412 - 2472 MHz
Maximum transmit power
20 dBm
Light colour
Warm to Cool White
Gift Box with Euro Lock   
52 grams
Bulb diameter
60 mm
Rated luminous flux
806 lm
Lamp shape
Bulb height
110 mm
Operating temperature
-20 to 45 °C
Colour temperature
2700 - 6500 K
Rated life time of lamp
10000 h
Energy class
Beam angle
Number of switching cycles

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