Mús Logitech Wireless M510 svört

Framleiðandi: Logitech
Framl.númer: 910-001826
Vörunúmer: 5026

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Þráðlaus heimilis- og skrifstofumús með góðu gripi og allt að 2ja ára rafhlöðuendingu. Þessi kemur í hefðbundinni stærð og er þæginleg í notkun jafnvel til lengri tíma. Fimm forritanlegir takkar sem auðvelt er að stilla eftir þörfum með fullkomnum hugbúnaði frá Logitech.

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Verð: 5.990 kr


  • Full-size mouse with extra controls
  • M510 is ready for any task, with extra comfort, advanced controls, and up to 24-months of battery life. Work comfortably thanks to the sculpted shape, rubber grips and palm support—5 programmable buttons.

Specs & Details

  • Dimensions (Mouse): Height: 120 mm. Width: 65 mm. Depth: 41 mm
    • Weight (with batteries): 129 g
  • Dimensions (Mouse): Logitech Unifying receiver: Height: 14.4 mm. Width: 18.7 mm. Depth: 6.1 mm
    • Weight: 1.8 g
  • Technical Specifications
    • Sensor Technology: High Precision Optical Tracking
    • DPI (Min/Max): 1000±
    • Buttons Number of buttons: 7
    • Scrolling: Line-by-line scrolling
    • Scroll Wheel: Yes, rubber
    • Tilt scroll function (Y/N): Yes
  • Battery
    • Battery: 24-month battery life 1Battery life may vary based on user and computing Battery Details: 2 x AA (included)
    • Battery Details: 2 x AA (included)
  • Connectivity
    • Connection Type: 2.4 GHz wireless connection
    • Wireless range: 10 m 2Wireless range may vary based on user, environmental and computing conditions.
    • Unifying-ready mouse: Yes
    • Unifying-ready receiver: Yes
  • Optional software: Logitech Options
  • Warranty Information: 2-year limited hardware warranty
  • Part Number: 910-001826

System Requirements

  • USB Receiver
  • Required: Available USB Port
  • Windows 10,11 or later
  • Chrome OS™
  • Certified Works With Chromebook™ 3This product has been certified by Logitech to meet Google's compatibility standards. Google is not responsible for the operation of this product or its compliance with safety requirements. Chromebook and the "Works With Chromebook" badge are trademarks of Google LLC.
  • Linux® kernel 2.6+

In the Box

  • Wireless Mouse
  • Logitech Unifying receiver
  • 2 AA batteries (pre-installed)
  • User documentation

Extra comfort, advanced controls, and up to 24-month battery life—M510 is ready for any task. Work comfortably thanks to the sculpted shape, rubber grips and palm support. The 5 programmable buttons, which can be customized according to your needs, offer full flexibility and control.

M510 is built for hours of comfort. With the sculpted shape plus rubber grips and scroll wheel, you can focus on work all day long—whether you’re in the office or at your desk at home. 


The rubber wheel offers line-by-line scrolling precision and a tilt wheel for easy horizontal side-to-side scrolling through large spreadsheets or images. The high precision tracking offers smooth, responsive cursor control for ideal navigation on almost any surfaces.

Do more—faster—with the 5 customizable buttons thanks to Logitech Options. You can configure the controls to make them do exactly what you want like switching applications, opening browser windows or changing DPI speed.

The mouse is built using the same high quality standards that have made Logitech the global leader for mice and keyboards4Based on independent sales data (in units) aggregated for Logitech mice and keyboards from major global markets including Canada, China, France, Germany, Indonesia, Republic of Korea, Russian Federation, Sweden, Taiwan, Turkey, UK, US (July ’19 - July ’20 period). Retail channel only.. Durable and reliable, M510 also works up to 24 months5Battery life may vary based on use and computing conditions. without changing batteries thanks to the on/off switch button and auto-sleep power-saving mode.

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