Kassavifta Arctic 8cm 3ja pinna F8 ACFAN00205A

Framleiðandi: Arctic
Framl.númer: ACFAN00025A
Vörunúmer: 2304

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8 cm hljóðlát kúluleguvifta í tölvukassa

  • Viftustærð: 80 x 80 x 25 mm
  • Spenna: 12 V
  • Straumur: 0.053 Amper
  • Loftstreymi: 15,1 CFM
  • Rafmagnstengi: 4ra pinna Molex
  • Kapallengd: 0,4 metrar

Frí heimsending á pöntunum yfir 5000 kr
Verð: 1.390 kr

F8 Silent - 3-Pin fan with standard case

At low fan speed, the motor noise is key. A motor developed in Germany with a new alloy/lubicant combination reduced friction and noise.
The Fluid Dynamic Bearing comes with an oil capsule that avoids lubricant leakage. Thus this bearing is as quiet as a sleeve bearing but comes with a significantly higher service life.
The innovative design of the fan blades improves the airflow and facilitates a highly efficient ventilation. The impeller was designed with a focus on minimzing the noise level yet delivering the desired airflow and pressure.

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Breytikapall PC Molex karl - 3ja pinna viftutengi

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