Kapall USB A karl - Apple® Lightning karl 0,25m

Framl.númer: KABGC02
Vörunúmer: 11145

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Þessi kapall hentar til að samhæfa iPhone, Apple Watch, iPod eða iPad við USB. 
• Tengi 1: Apple Lightning
• Tengi 2: USB-A karltengi
• Lengd: 0.25 metri
• Litur: Svartur

Frí heimsending á pöntunum yfir 5000 kr
Verð: 1.790 kr
USB > Lightning (ST-ST) 0.25m Green Cell Black

Reinforced, multiple times more durable tip attachment - in addition, the flat shape of the cable prevents tangling and extends its life. Essential companion for every day - support for fast charging, including Quick Charge 3.0, GC Ultra Charge, Samsung AFC and 480Mbps data transmission. Extremely practical 25 cm length for everyday use - perfect for charging with a power bank.

Wherever the usual cable is not enough The GCmatte cable was developed to ensure the fastest possible charging of your device. Supporting Apple 2.4A fast charging technology, you can save up to 1 hour on charging. Compatible with fast charging, the cable plays an equally important role as the charger or the phone protocol. A thoughtful design that guarantees reliability For us it is not just a cable, but another product that we can present in an even better edition. By using a flexible TPE material in a flat design, the cable is much more resistant to mechanical damage. Low resistance cables ensure the fastest possible charging and data transfer. In addition, the clamps have been additionally reinforced, to prevent them from being accidentally damaged, for example when the connected cable is pulled. Full compatibility with Apple devices The cable guarantees perfect compatibility and problem-free operation with any Apple device that is equipped with the Lightning connector. Forget the "accessory not supported" message that's common in many cables and fast charge with Apple 2.4A technology. Data&Sync Green Cell also offers fast data transfer at 480 Mbps - transfer up to 100 songs in just 5 seconds. Don't waste time waiting! Perfect in every situation The length of 25 cm makes the GCmatte cable particularly practical when charging devices with a power bank, for example. Always keep it with you and forget about the problem longer,


Cable length: 0.25 meter
Connection 1: Lightning
Connection 2: USB A
Connector 1 gender: male
Connector 2 gender: male
Product color: Black
Connection1 form factor: Just
Connection2 form factor: Just
Maximum data transfer rate: 480Mbps

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