Breytistykki USB-C í HDMI/USB3/C CCGB64765WT02

Framleiðandi: Nedis
Framl.númer: CCGP64765WT02
Vörunúmer: 8689

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Þessi USB 3.1 fjöltengja breytikapall er til að tengja við USB-C tæki. Þannig má tengja þrjú mismunandi tæki inná eitt USB 3.1 tengi.

  • Tengi A: USB-C karltengi
  • Tengi B: USB-A konutengi, USB-C konutengi og HDMI útgangstengi

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Verð: 5.990 kr
USB Type-C Adapter Cable, Type-C Male - USB A Female + Type-C Female + HDMI output, 0.2 m White

Product description
Connect this USB 3.1 multiport adapter to a USB-C device. This way you can connect up to three different USB devices through a single port.

· USB 3.1 for 10 Gbps ultra high-speed data transfer and 4K image resolution support
· Suitable for connecting multiple devices to your PC or MacBook
· USB C for the ultimate all-in-one solution: sync, charge and AV support
· User-friendly connector which connects in any direction
· Hybrid connectivity solution suitable for any brand

Product specifications
Adapter type
USB 3.1
Connection A
USB-C Male
Outside material   
Connection B
USB A Female   
USB-C Female
HDMI output
Adapter design

Package contents
1x USB-C™ 3.1 Adapter Cable