KVM Switch

2-port USB 2.0 peripheral Sharing switch Aten 4P AT-US224

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7,990 kr

4-Port USB 2.0 Peripheral Sharing Device

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11,990 kr

2 port USB HDMI KVM switch + audio links two HD-enabled PCs or devices to a single USB keyboard, USB mouse and HD display

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13,990 kr

ICY BOX IB-KVM8801-HU2 - KVM / audio switch - 2 ports HDMI 2.0

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19,990 kr

KVM switch Digitus 4PORT DS-12880 HDMI+USB+audio

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26,900 kr

Aten 4-Port USB 2.0 DVI KVM Switch (CS1764A)

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37,900 kr

KVM Aten 2Port CS1942DP Dual Display 4K

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