Spjaldtölvutaska Lenovo Folio Case M8 og filma

Framleiðandi: Lenovo
Framl.númer: ZG38C02863
Vörunúmer: 10558

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Vönduð taska fyrir Lenovo M8 spjaldtölvurnar sem einnig má nota sem spjaldtölvustand.

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The Lenovo Tab M8 Folio Case

The modern material finish and brimless style – made from polycarbonate and microfiber – both look great and offer trusted protection from accidental drops and bumps
With its dual functionality, this tablet case can act as a tablet stand as well as a protective cover
The included protective film helps guard your tablet's screen from scratches and scuffs
Thin and lightweight, the Tab M8 Folio tablet cover is sized to fit your 8-inch tablet perfectly, holding your device safe and secure

Lenovo Tab 5 M8 HD Film and Folio Case provides security and reliability as well as long usage time for your Lenovo tablet. 1. The smoothness of the soft lining greatly protects the screen. 2. Ultrasonic technology is adopted to solidly bond the leather and the back cover and offer all-round protection. 3. The pedestal methods meet different visual demands. 4. A high-quality scratch-resistant film protects your screen forever


Detailed information

  • Height in meters 234mm
  • Width in meters 138mm
  • Depth in meters 18mm
  • Weight Kg 0.35kg
  • Min temperature operating -10C
  • Max temp. operating 70C