Minniskort Micro SDXC 64GB án adapter

Framleiðandi: Sandisk
Framl.númer: SDSDQUIN-064G-G4
Vörunúmer: 4859

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64 GB Micro SD minniskort

  • Minnisstærð: 64 GB
  • Mál: 29 x 16 x 4 mm
  • Notkun: Í digitalmyndavélar, vídeomyndavélar, kortalesara, MP3 spilara, GPS, fartölvur o.fl.

Verð: 5.490 kr
Verð : 4.700 kr

MicroSDHC memory card Class 10 64 GB
With this memory card you can upgrade your smartphone, tablet or any other multimedia device that is suitable for microSDHC memory cards. Store more images, music, ringtones, games, apps and videos than ever before.

Product properties

Type Micro SD High Capacity (MSDHC)
Capacity 64 GB
Class Class 10
Card Reader No
Case Material Plastic
Operating System Windows, Mac, Linux
Reading Speed Hi-Speed
Writing Speed Hi-Speed

Package contents
• 1x MicroSDHC memory card