KVM skiptir Aten 4PORT USB/PS2 AT-CS84U

Framleiðandi: Aten
Framl.númer: CS84U-AT
Vörunúmer: 2955

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AT-CS84U KVM borðsvissinn bíður uppá að stjórna fjórum tölvum með einu lyklaborði, mús og skjá.

Verð : 17.990 kr

4 port PS/2 - USB KVM switch
The CS84U PS/2-USB KVM Switch is a desktop control unit that allows users to access four computers from a single KVM console (PS/2 or USB keyboard and mouse, and VGA monitor). In addition, CS84U comes with ATEN's new Video DynaSync technology, which eliminates boot-up display problems and optimizes resolution. Setup is fast and easy; simply plug cables into their appropriate ports. There is no software to configure, no installation routines, and no incompatibility problems. Since the CS84U intercepts keyboard input directly, it will work on multiple computing platforms.

Product description
• One PS/2-USB VGA console controls four VGA interface computers
• Dual Interface - supports computers with PS/2 or USB keyboards and mice
• Computer selection via front panel pushbuttons, hotkeys, and mouse
• Multiplatform support - Windows, Linux, Mac, and Sun
• Superior video quality - 2048 x 1536; DDC2B
• Video DynaSync™ - Exclusive ATEN technology eliminates bootup display problems and optimizes resolution when switching between ports
• Console mouse port emulation/bypass feature supports most mouse drivers and multifunction mice
• Complete keyboard emulation for error-free booting
• Mac/Sun keyboard support and emulation*
• Multilingual keyboard mapping - supports English, Japanese, and French keyboards
• Gaming keyboard support
• Auto Scan Mode for monitoring all computers
• Firmware upgradable
• Non-powered

Product properties

Sort Switch
Type KVM
Colour Silver
Housing Metal
Enclosed Parts Cables
Control Manual

Package contents
1x CS84U PS/2-USB KVM Switch 
4x Custom KVM Cable Sets 
1x User Guide